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Week 2: Greenhouse 101

Week 2 was an intensive stockpiling of any and all information we could gather about Twisp, greenhouses, and local materials and manufacturers, just to name a few. Anything to help us be better prepared for our upcoming visit to Twisp at the end of the week.

Greenhouse manager Doug Ewing was the perfect jumpstart to getting inspired. Doug was a wealth of information; explaining basic properties of a greenhouse, its heating, cooling, water, and most importantly light. Even the plants themselves were sources for ideas about harvesting energy. Like the leaves of an African violet relative that are a silvery white, reflecting heat during dry seasons, but become transparent when wet, collecting more light when evaporation is less of a problem. Or the giant Victoria lily pad, whose ribbed leaf can support the weight of a small child and inspired the structural system for the Crystal Palace.

Our first hand experience in the greenhouses was followed up by group presentations of more innovative structures and systems to grow plants year-round. Bubble walls, flat glass panel structures, and a giant ETFE greenhouse. Prepped with ideas and fortified by donuts we piled into the vans on Friday afternoon and headed over the pass to Twisp.


Week 1: Welcome to our Collab/Fab Studio blog!

With the first week of studio behind us, I’d like to welcome everyone to our new blog site.  We are a group of 15 architecture students from the University of Washington, some undergrads, and some grad students.  We created this site as a tool to share our studio project with the public.

This quarter we will be working in collaboration with the Twisp PDA to help develop and revitalize a former forest service site in Twisp, WA.  The community in Twisp came together and decided that the single most unifying interest in the community was gardening and agriculture, so our studio is planning to design a prototype greenhouse for the site.  During this studio we will be exploring opportunities for the reuse of buildings and materials that exist on the site.  We will also be exploring ways in which digital fabrication can aid in the use of these materials.

During our first week, we have been researching our site, and existing precedents in greenhouse construction.  We also had a great introduction to scrap shell fabrication by our fearless leader, Rob Corser.  He introduced us to new tools and building techniques while we helped him work on some experimental shells built from scrap 2×4.

Twisp Collab/Fab studio

I’m sure that as we proceed this space will be absolutely FILLED with the most amazing information, thoughts, design ideas and new directions in building sustainable communities, one greenhouse at a time.

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